Constructing a Public/Private Innovation Infrastructure

Venue: The Swedish Exhibition & Congress centre
Monday May 30 at 13:30-17:00

Tuesday May 31 at 13:30-17:00

The theme of Constructing a Public/Private Innovation Infrastructure will explore our current major investments into more collaborative forms of innovation.

Starting with the bigger picture and the European innovation arena, the theme then will focus on the important role of public financiers in ensuring utilization. The operative roles of intermediaries between science and business – often manifested in the form of science parks –will be discussed. Eventually the more collaborative and entrepreneurial functioning of university technology transfer offices be addressed.

The aim of the theme is to explore different levels that constitute and construct public/private innovation infrastructure and how they interrelate – the levels of policy, of financiers, of intermediaries and universities.

Session 1
Large-scale collaborative innovation – why it will build Europe’s future competitiveness.
Monday, May 30, 13.30-15.00

Moderator: Jens Bördin, CEO, CIP Professional Services AB


  • Prof. Karin Markides, President, Chalmers University of Technology
  • Dr. Anders Ekblom, EVP Global Medicines Development, Astra Zeneca R&D
  • Lars-Göran Rosengren, Vice President Innovation Strategy & Policy, AB Volvo

Session 2
Public funding to ensure effective utilization. Monday, May 30, 15.30-17.20

Moderator: Jesper Vasell, Managing Director, Innovation Office West


  • Kjell-Håkan Närfelt, Chief Strategy Officer within Swedish Innovation System, Vinnova
  • Liisa Ewart, Senior Counsel, TEKES
  • Rochelle Blaustein, Senior Advisor for Technology Transfer, US Department of Energy

Session 3
Public/Private collaborative innovation in practice. Tuesday, May 31, 13.30-15.00

Moderator: Kazumasa Soga, Professor at the Faculty of Law and Graduate School of Law, Toyo University, Tokyo


  • Magnus Lundin,  CEO, Swedish Incubators & Science Parks
  • Luis Sanz, Director-General, International Association of Science Parks
  • Lin Weichang, Deputy Governor, The People’s Government Panyu District, Guangzhou city
  • Peter Heydebreck, Founding partner and Managing Director of the inno group

Session 4
University technology transfer – toward more entrepreneurial and collaborative models?
Tuesday, May 31, 15.30-17.00

Moderator: Anders Haugland, Vice President, ASTP & Managing Director, Technology Transfer Office Bergen, Norway


  • Gert Vilhelm Balling, Special adviser, Centre for Strategic Research and Growth; Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation)
  • Laurent Mieville, Head of Technology Transfer, University of Geneva
  • Paul van Dun, General Manager, K.U.Leuven Research & Development
  • Robin Rasor, President, AUTM & Director of Licensing, Office of Technology Transfer, University of Michigan